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How to wear the trending colors you see everywhere in the stores this season.

"What in the world can I wear with this?!"

Sound familiar?

You see a pair of pants in a trending color like a bright red... and you think... that would be fun to wear... except... what can I wear with it besides black or white?

You buy them and they sit in your closet... sad... unworn... because you have no idea what to wear with them.

Every season, Pantone releases a set of colors that become THE trending colors of the season. You see these colors everywhere. You have no choice but to consider them for your wardrobe... or buy nothing.

The Monthly Color Report will send you an inspiration-packed report each month on one of those colors you see everywhere... tops, bottoms, bags, shoes and accessories. Everywhere. Imagine discovering color combinations you hadn't even thought of?!

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    This will be a color that you see everywhere. The report will show you who can wear it best, HOW to wear it plus dozens of color combinations with this trending color.

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