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2 Live Online Color Analyses – FB Live

2 Live Online Color Analyses - FB Live

I went live Saturday on the Your Color Style Facebook page and did two live online color analyses. I’m starting to love Facebook live. Super fun. I’ve been going through my massive queue of Ask Jen submissions… picking out the earliest possible that have the best lit photos. That’s my method to choosing the ones I can do live. I hope you enjoy this and leave me a comment with your thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “2 Live Online Color Analyses – FB Live

  1. Love this video showing how you use the colorizer program…thanks!

  2. Great videos Jen. I love how the cooler toned down lip just lifts out the undertones and balances the coloring of the second model. Now I don’t feel like the crazy lady asking members who can”t afford an analysis for lipstick comparisons. This was so much fun. I hope we have more.

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