The best jeans for a pear shaped woman are jeans that sit higher on the waist… are darker… slim fitting… with absolutely no designs on the back pockets or seams. Look for very clean and simple designs on your jeans… no bling, fancy pockets or bright stitching. Make sure the pockets sit high up on your bottom… avoid jeans with pockets that slide below the edge of your cheek.

Yes! Pear shaped women can wear skinny jeans. Make sure they are stretchy and slim fit. Skinny jeans will accent your curves… so, if that worries you, pair them with a loose shirt tucked in to form a boxy shape on top.

Boot cut jeans are the absolute BEST jeans for a pear shaped woman. Straight legs are also good but if you’re looking for jeans that make you look slimmer… boot cut is your choice. The wide ankle will balance your thighs.

Below are several jeans I found that will look amazing on a pear shaped woman. Click and shop!