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3 Ways To Wear Coral

3 Ways To Wear Coral


The color coral is a great spring color and is definitely trending right now. You could simply wear a pair of coral pants with a black and white striped shirt and jean jacket… but you can do better than that! Let’s have some fun! Here are three totally different ways to wear it:

1. Fun: Wear a fun patterned boho style blouse with mint green jeans or pants. Add a light mint scarf and bag. Finish the look with coral wedges. I LOVE the watch… which you can wear with any of these outfits.

2. Fresh: Coral looks great with peach or even a light pink. Try a scalloped peach top with coral pants. Have some fun with floral printed sneakers or a bold printed Vera Bradley tote. Or play it safe with some coral sneakers. Love these sneaks! Finish this look off with a statement necklace.

3. Flirty: I found this floral print blouse that has the coral in it. Wear a light green pencil skirt and coral sandals or pumps. Match your shoes with a coral bag. Coral and taupe go great together… so finish the look off with a taupe sweater or blazer. Oh… and since I LOVE scarves… a bright coral scarf would be perfect.

For Apple Shaped or Round Women

If you have an apple shaped body, the Fun outfit idea will look great on you. Loose tunics with wide gathered necklines balance out your shoulders with your wider waistline. The scarf may not be as flattering… instead choose some gold necklaces to decorate your neck and chest.

For Pear Shaped Women

If you have a pear shaped body, the Fresh outfit idea will be the most flattering. Make sure the jeans are a darker coral… not neon. I would also pair the floral blouse with the coral jeans… but tuck the blouse to give a loose boxy shape on top.

For Rectangle Shaped Women

If you have a rectangle shaped body, we want to give you a waist! The Flirty outfit idea will look best on you. I would leave the blouse untucked and add a thin belt around your waist. The twisted sweater will also help with giving you a waist. A pencil skirt will not be very flattering… instead wear a shorter fuller skirt or short A-Line skirt. I’d also pair the tunic from the Fun outfit with a short pleated skirt and add a belt around your waist.

Shop More Coral…

Here’s a video I made that has lots of tips on how you can wear the color coral…

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