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3 Ways to Wear Green Sheen

Green Sheen is a bright yellow green. Bright, Cool, & Deep individuals can wear this color best.  Want to know if it’s a good color for you? Subscribe to the ColorStyle Membership.

If you love this color but it just doesn’t flatter you, wear it as a bottom or accessory. Need more ideas and inspiration? Get the complete guide to wearing Green Sheen when you subscribe to the ColorStyle Membership.

I’ve pulled together 3 outfit ideas using the same Green Sheen top to inspire you this week.

Outfit Idea #1

Pair green sheen with a touch of purple which is it’s complement on the color wheel. Tone this vibrant color down with grey.

Outfit Idea #2

Green sheen transforms when you pair it with shades of yellow-green. Try olive greens and dark greens with this bright hue.

Outfit Idea #3

I personally love green sheen with navy blue and denim. Easy.

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Wear Green Sheen

  1. Greetings!
    Is it possible to share store links to items in the wardrobe ideas? Help on finding the items, or similar ones, would be so useful.
    Thank you,
    Noreen McCann

    1. We did do that for a while but it was not successful. Many links expired or only had certain sizes. It became a very expensive task to maintain.

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