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7 Daily Outfit Ideas for Week of Nov 16 – 22



For this outfit, I put together colors next to each other on the color wheel. Also known as an Analogous color palette. Similar shades of teal, green and blue make for a great look! I recommend only using 3 colors in a color combo like this.

I also splashed in a royal blue bag to make the outfit pop. Love that bag!

This color combo is perfect for a light spring, clear spring, warm spring and a clear winter.

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Green, Teal and Blue Fall Winter Outfit Idea

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A sweater dress is a great look for the office or out for an evening. I styled this dress with some opaque maroon tights and classy knee high black boots. The splash of color keeps this outfit from looking like every other sweater dress outfit. But if you’re shy, wear black tights instead. Still a great look!

A charcoal grey coat is the perfect outer layer for the cold weather.

I added gold and maroon accessories for shine and polish.

The colors in this outfit look great on a soft summer, soft autumn, deep winter and cool summer. Make sure to wear silver jewelry if you are a deep winter or cool summer.

Grey Sweater Dress With Maroon Tights and Boots

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What a beautiful burst of color. The inspiration for this outfit is the fall cape. I just love this cape. But I wanted to see if I could add bright colors to change things up. This outfit would look great on a clear winter, clear spring and a warm autumn. The orange tones in the cape aren’t great for a clear winter, but as long as the bright turquoise sweater is closest to your face, you’ll look amazing!

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Bright Turquoise Sweater With Yellow Skirt and Fall Cape

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Keep it simple with neutral grey basics and then wear a pretty pink blouse. The look is professional and inviting.

You can use this style tip to create all kinds of outfits. Choose a neutral from your color palette and a pink or red. Maybe it’s all taupe and a mauve sweater. Simple and stylish!

I’m loving the layer of the vest. This is very on trend and adds a power piece to your outfit.

The colors in this outfit are perfect for a light summer, cool winter, deep winter, and light spring.

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Pink and Grey Work Outfit Idea

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These colors will look great on a clear winter or warm spring. The bright green with pale yellow is a fun color combo for the fall and winter season.

I layered a crisp white button down blouse under an oversized green v-neck sweater. If you’re a warm spring, I recommend wearing a cream colored blouse instead. I am in love with this scarf! And the bag… OMG.

This outfit is all about pulled together comfort and style.

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Green Sweater With Pale Yellow and Grey

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Sweater dresses are one of my favorite things to wear in the cold weather. Wear leggings or tights with knee high boots and you have a great look for anywhere and anytime. I styled this simple dress with chunky heeled suede boots. Casual enough to wear all day and classy enough to wear out with friends. Instead of a coat, I draped a soft fuzzy maroon cape. One of the charms of this outfit is the mix of textures.

I always love to add a little pop of color for personality. This blue bag looks great and adds an element of fun.

The colors of this outfit look great on a soft autumn and warm autumn.

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Sweater Dress With Suede Boots

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Stay warm in this super stylish outfit. Layer a comfy charcoal grey sweater tunic over leather leggings. Slide on some black ankle booties. Add a splash of royal blue with a scarf. And to keep this outfit from being predictable… carry a red bag!

This outfit will look great on a light spring, cool winter, cool summer, clear winter, deep winter and soft autumn. However, the gold jewelry is not for the cool summer! Wear silver instead.

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Royal Blue Scarf With Leather Leggings and Charcoal Grey Sweater

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Which outfit will you wear this week?

Wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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7 Daily Outfit Ideas for Week of Nov 16 – 22

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