Are you trying to figure out if your best colors are in the clear winter seasonal color palette… aka bright winter. Read below and see if you match the characteristics of a clear winter… and then discover your best colors!

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Clear Winter = Soft and Cool undertones

You are a cool winter if:

Your dominant characteristic is CLEAR

You have bright eyes: Bright blue, violet, emerald green

You have cool skin: Black, deep brown, light/neutral beige, pale olive, milky white. Often translucent.

You have deep hair: Black, black-brown, medium brown, or dark brown. May have some faint warm highlights. Whitish blonde hair can also occur.

Clear Winter Style Guide

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As a clear winter, you have clear and bright color of your eyes and deep hair color. You look best in clear, contrasting colors such as mixing bright White with dark Navy. Black will always look good on you but to maximize your coloring pair it with a bright contrasting color. Your coloring can be striking and your palette contains all of the beautiful jewel tones like Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue. Just make sure they are clear and bold.

Your Best Colors To Wear

Black, Pure White, Icy Blue, Icy Pink, Hot Turquoise, True Red, Icy Pink

Clear Winter Best Colors
Clear Winter Best Colors

Your Best Neutrals

Black, Pure White

Avoid These Colors

Dusty muted colors, pastels


Celebrities with the Clear Winter Color Palette

Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Vanessa Williams, Liv Tyler



Your complete clear winter color palette:

Clear Winter Seasonal Color Palette
Clear Winter Seasonal Color Palette

Clear Winter Outfit Ideas


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