If you are treating yourself to a personal seasonal color analysis, then you are probably trying to figure out which season you are… and obviously, if you’re reading this article, you are trying to figure out if your best colors are in the light summer seasonal color palette.

Light Summer = Light and Cool undertones

You are a light summer if:

Your dominant characteristic is LIGHT

You have light eyes: Blue, green, light hazel, light pale brown

You have light skin: Pale neutral beige or soft beige. Pink toned.

You have light hair: Light to medium ash blonde, light ash brown, pale and soft red-haired

If you’re a Light Summer then you are strictly light from top to toe (skin, eyes and hair). You have a low level of contrast between your hair, eyes and skins. If you have warmth to your coloring, then you may be a light spring. Click here to go to the light spring seasonal color analysis.

As the name says, keep colors light.

Your Best Colors To Wear

A light spring’s best colors are light and powdery.

Camel, yellow-green, clear aqua, periwinkle, powder pink, light grey, khaki, blue charcoal, taupe, warm pastel pink, baby pink, clear salmon, coral, watermelon, fuchsia, clear red, cream, light green, bright golden yellow, moss green, blue green, clear aqua, powder blue, light purple, periwinkle, violet

Light Summer Best Colors
Light Summer Best Colors

Your Best Neutrals

Camel, Dark Beige, Charcoal , Grey-Brown

Avoid These Colors

Fuchsia, Black, dark brown, burgundy

Avoid really dark colors like black or charcoal near your face. Very dark colors will make you look pale and tired. Too much intense color will be overpowering and unnatural looking.


Celebrities with the Light Summer Color Palette

Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, Jodie Foster, Heather Locklear

Light Summer Makeup


Jewelry You Should Wear

You can wear Gold or Silver jewelry.


Your complete light summer color palette:


Light Summer Seasonal Color Palette
Light Summer Seasonal Color Palette

Light Summer Outfit Ideas


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