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Are You A Warm Spring? Your Seasonal Color Analysis

Wearing your best colors can make you look and feel beautiful. Your best colors come from your seasonal color palette.

If you’re not sure what season you are, take my What Season Am I? Online Quiz >>

Your complete warm spring color palette:

warm spring seasonal color palette


If you’re reading this article, then you probably think you’re a spring… but maybe aren’t exactly sure if you’re a warm spring, clear or light. Read on to give yourself a personal seasonal color analysis to see if you are a warm spring (aka true spring).

Warm Spring = Light coloring and Warm undertones

You are a warm spring if:

Your dominant characteristic is WARM

You have warm eyes: Topaz, olive green, light hazel or blue

You have warm skin: Bronze, golden beige, ivory or porcelain. May have freckles.

You have warm hair: Light golden brown, coppery red, strawberry blonde or deep golden brown

As a warm spring you should only wear warm colors… and they need to be clear… not muted.

Warm Springs do not flow into any cool season… they will overlap with the Warm Autumn season. Warm Springs need clear warm colors while Autumns need muted warm colors.

If you have more obvious cool undertones to your skin… even if your hair and eyes are warm… you may not be a Warm Spring.

Your Best Colors To Wear

Ivory, Golden Brown, Camel, marigold, light orange, light aqua, purple, light green, true green, olive, coral, dark brown, stone, grey green, peach, rust, buff, evergreen, emerald turquoise, teal, deep periwinkle.

Your Secondary Colors To Wear

Teal Blue, Jade Green, Pumpkin, Mustard, Dark Gold, Moss Green, Bronze, Tomato Red

Your Best Neutrals

Camel, Golden Brown, Warm Grey , Grey-Brown

Avoid These Colors

Black, pink, fuchsia, cool berry colors

Celebrities with the Warm Spring Color Palette

Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Reba McEntire, Christina Hendricks

celebrities with warm spring seasonal colorscelebrities with warm spring seasonal colors

Jewelry You Should Wear

Gold. The warm tones of gold look great on you.

Warm / True Spring Seasonal Colors

Warm Spring Outfit Ideas

Warm Spring Work Outfit Idea - Marigold, Gold and Blue
Warm Spring Work Outfit - Green, pale yellow and gold

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