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Are you pear shaped?

Ever wonder why certain clothes fit perfect while others completely miss the mark?  This often happens because different cuts of fabric and styles are most flattering on specific body types.  There are specific styles and fabrics that look great on an apple shape, but look not so great on pear shapes.  So how do you determine if you are pear shaped?  Here are some questions to ask yourself that will start you on your way to a perfect fit next time you go shopping.

1.  Where do you store fat?  Pear shapes store fat in their hips, butt, and legs.

2.  How are your body proportions?  Pear shapes tend to have wider hips than their shoulders and waistline.

3.  What are your measurements?  Pear shape hip measurements are typically at least 5% bigger than the shoulder measurements.




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Jen Thoden

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