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Are You Playing With Heart?

This is a photo of my daughter Mindy during half-time at her soccer game. She’s her team’s one and only goalie. She was covered in mud from head to toe by the end of the game.

Mindy was shot on about 25 times during the game. I watched her dive onto the ground, roll under players’ feet, throw herself on the ball, out run a player and dive horizontally across the net to punch a ball out. She was scored on once.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were watching a professional soccer keeper. It’s not that her skill is at a pro level… even a proud parent like me knows that… it’s because she played with passion and heart.

If her team had played with half of the passion that Mindy played in this game they would have slaughtered the other team. Instead, they kicked the ball around, played hard… but their heart was simply not in the game.

Which then allowed the ball to be shot at my baby’s head… over and over again!

If you’re wondering why you can’t seem to move forward in your life… why you just can’t seem to reach that goal… why your business is not taking off the way you want it to… whatever it is that you truly desire in life… take a look at your actions AND THEN take a look at HOW you’re implementing those actions.

Mindy is 13 years old. She’s already decided that she’s excellent at goalie. She trains like a professional. When she’s not training with her goalie coach, she’s out running. She runs 2 miles before practice to “warm up”. She juggles and practices her foot work, even though her job is to catch the ball. She’s set her sights on trying out for the school team this spring. She doesn’t miss practice. And when she shows up, she brings the energy the team craves.

She got stomped on during a chaotic corner kick 5 minutes before the game ended. She got the ball and booted it across the field. I watched her hold her wrist. She was hurt. I, as a Mom, immediately began to worry. But Mindy refused to give in. She went on to save 3 more goals before the game was over.

You can go through the motions. You can implement your daily actions to move you toward your goal. But if you do them without heart. If your mindset is “when I’m ____” then I’ll be successful… you will likely never achieve the success you want.

Get excited! Get energized! How bad do you want it?

Decide at this very moment that you are already the person you desire to be. Be that person. Do what that person would do. Act the way that person would act. Take action the way that person would take action.

Would Hope Solo skip practice? Hell no! She would never let her team down. That’s how Mindy sees it. It’s non-negotiable.

Being anything less than the BEST at whatever it is you want to be successful at is NOT an option.

Look at what you’re doing to achieve your goal. Ask yourself honestly if you’re doing it with heart and passion. Do you surge energy through that action in high positive energy?

You are the professional in your life. Start acting like the pro you already are.

There’s one thing that I know for certain…

I want to be Mindy when I grow up.

Jen Thoden

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