I think I’ve given some of you a complex! I’ve told many of you to stay away from black because it will be too harsh on you. That is still true BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t wear black.

By the way, when I say you shouldn’t wear black, I mean wearing black close to your face. ANYONE can wear black below the waist. Yes! You can wear black pants, black shoes, and carry black hand bags. Go crazy.

Let’s face it, black is slimming. It’s chic. It is sophisticated. And there are so many clothes in black. So, what do you do if your seasonal color palette doesn’t have black in it?

I’m a light spring and I wear black all the time. *Gasps from the crowd*

Yes, yes. I know. I tell light springs all the time to stay away from black. I tell you that because black is not the BEST on you. You can do so much better. But if you love black, or if you have clothes that you love in black. Then you should wear them.

And now, you’re probably wondering HOW do I wear black without looking washed out?

First, the seasons that can wear black close to their face without concern are:

  • Clear Winter
  • Clear Spring
  • Cool Winter
  • Cool Summer
  • Deep Winter
  • Deep Autumn

The “Lights” and the “Softs” are the seasons that should try and avoid wearing black. But if you love black, then here are some tips that will pull you together.

If the weather allows, wear a scarf around your neck in one of your favorite colors in your color palette. Try to keep the color a little on the darker side to avoid too much contrast between the black and the color.

Ask Jen: Can I Wear Black? Wear a statement necklace in your metal and a color from your color palette. Light Springs and Soft Autumns should wear gold. Light Summers and Toned Winters should wear silver.

Expose more skin. The more skin you show, the easier it is to wear. A v-neck will be much more flattering than a turtleneck, for example.

If you have a black blazer, wear a collared shirt in a color from your color palette and turn the collar up to be closer to your face.

Ask Jen: Can I Wear Black?

Layer a collared blouse or turtleneck in a color from your color palette under a black sweater. Wear a color in your color palette over the black top.

Ask Jen: Can I Wear Black?

If it’s a hot day, and you have a black dress that is limited on the options above, bring color to your outfit through your jewelry and lipstick. Make sure you wear the correct metal and wear your best colors on your face. Wear a bold lipstick in your colors. Give your face a little more color than you may normally.

I hope this helps!

Jen Thoden