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Ask Jen: Can I wear colors from another seasonal color palette?

This week, I’m answering the question about wearing multiple seasonal color palettes. The question usually goes something like this…
I’m a light summer but can I wear the soft summer colors too?
So, there is a definite answer to this type of question. It has a lot to do with the individual’s coloring.
However, there ARE colors that you SHOULDN’T combine.
Let me explain…
Some of the seasons share colors with other seasons. There’s an overlap of colors. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can wear both colors.
Cool Winter and Cool Summer are very similar. The difference between the two is that the cool winter color palette has brighter colors, brighter pinks and a bright icy yellow. Cool summer’s colors are a little more muted and softer. Sometimes a person looks best in cool summer, but they might wear some of the brights from the cool winter palette. Since both palettes are “cool”, this can work.
Light Spring and Light Summer are also very similar but I wouldn’t share between the two. The difference between the two color palettes is that the light summer is cooler than the light spring. Light summer has brighter yellows, mauve-pinks and a full range of reds, pinks, blues and blue-greens. Light springs have lime greens (warm), camels and oranges/peaches. In this case, light summers should NOT be wearing colors from light spring. They will not look good in the warmer colors. Light spring can wear some of light summer but really, you really don’t need to.
Here’s a rule of thumb: If the two color palettes are warm and cool, then you shouldn’t be sharing colors. The color palettes may be similar but that doesn’t mean you can wear both. A person with warm undertones should stick to warm color palettes. And a person with cool undertones should stick to cool color palettes.

So, what seasonal color palettes CAN be shared?

A deep winter may wear some brights from the clear winter color palette.
A cool winter may wear some brights from the deep winter color palette.
A light spring may wear some brights from the clear spring color palette.
A light spring may wear some brights from the warm spring color palette.
A deep autumn may wear some brights from the warm autumn color palette.
Soft summer and soft autumn really need to stay within their color palette.
If you’re in doubt, sign up for a personal color analysis and that way I can recommend the seasonal color palette that’s appropriate for your coloring.
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