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Ask Jen: How Accurate Can An Online Color Analysis Really Be?

In an effort to reach women around the world, I have chosen to offer online seasonal color analysis as one of my main services. I love it! I have clients in Australia, Russia, Denmark, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada and the United States. It is an amazing experience to help you no matter where you are located.

The #1 question I am asked is…

How accurate is an online color analysis? What’s involved?

My analysis is as very accurate. The reality is that I am color analyzing the photo, since the person isn’t right in front of me. So, I take measures to ensure that I am seeing true colors and offering my best color analysis.

When you send me photos of yourself, I will tell you to take a photo of yourself in natural outdoor light. Indoor lighting casts a strong yellow tint and skews everything.

One thing you should know about me is that I am an expert in photo retouching and balancing. I’ve been doing this in Photoshop for over 20 years. Oh yes. A loooooong time. I have a bachelors in fine arts… and I have always had an excellent eye for color. It’s my passion. Why am I telling you this? Because, these are the skills and talents that I use to bring your best photo to a true-as-possible color balance.

I take the photo that has the best lighting and I balance it in Photoshop. Yellow photos become less yellow and blue photos become less blue. I balance the lightness or darkness. This is the photo I use for your virtual draping. So… SMILE in your photos! It makes me smile too. 🙂

Getting a shot of your eye gives me an idea of your coloring as well. There are distinct color characteristics for each season, and seeing your eye helps me narrow down your season.

I also ask you to send me a ton of photos. I do this so that I can see you in different situations, lighting, clothing, etc. I also like to get a sense of your personality. Are you bubbly? Serious? Quiet? Loud? What’s your style?

All of these things play into your seasonal color analysis.

Once I have a balanced photo and I’ve analyzed all the photos you’ve sent me, I place your photo on different seasonal color palettes. I usually narrow down to 2 because the other 14 have been ruled out. I drape you in colors I think look best on you. I send these images to you… and you should feel good about what you see. If you don’t… it’s possible I got it wrong. Sometimes, I ask for more or different photos. Or I’ll try your photo in a different season to see if we get a better result.

When we’re all done, you will be confident about your season.

So… that’s a long answer to… YES. My online seasonal color analysis is accurate.

Hope that helps!

Jen Thoden

PS. If you would like to sign up for a personal color analysis, click here.

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