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Ask Jen: Pure White For A Light Summer?

First of all, I love it when you ask questions. If you have a question about color, body type, style, hair, life… even about my blog or being a business owner… please ASK! Send your questions to me @

This week’s question…

Dear Jen,

in your new guide “How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe you write that the “WHITE” is “Cream” for Autumns and Springs,  which means that – for me as a “Light Summer”, it would be a Pure White. But the thing is: I think that a Pure White looks kind of harsh on me, I look sort of boring/pale.
–> Question no. 1: Could it be that “a-not-too-yellowish-cream” is better for Light Summer? Or should I just ignore it/throw the White out? 
Question no. 2, referring to my Color Type: You told me I´m a Light Summer, and I agree.
But due to your “Color Analysis Quiz“, grey-blue eyes are Soft Summer´s eyes … and that Light Summers have either light blue or light green eyes.
So is it for sure that I´m still “Light Summer”, although I have grey-blue eyes?!
Thanks and sorry of bothering you again, but I´m so into this whole color type theme now that I´m thinking about it all day long. 😉
Best regards

Hi Marie!

#1 is only a guideline. Because cream on a cool palette really doesn’t flatter. For a light summer, I recommend a very light grey or light taupe.
Deep Winters, Cool Winters and Clear Springs look BEST in white. Although, a great look for anyone is a crisp white button-down shirt with jeans, shorts or leggings. As seen in the feature photo above. (photo via
If white isn’t best for your coloring, then wear a bold statement necklace in a bright color from your palette. Put on your best shade of lipstick and you’re good to go! The rules CAN be broken.
#2 – A soft summer’s eyes have a soft quality to them. They look like you’ve taken your finger and smudged them. Yes, a soft summer’s eyes are typically grey-blue or grey-green but they also look “soft”. Also, the overall quality of the person is soft and muted. A bright color against a soft summer is just wrong. All their colors are muted and soft. Like grey has been added. A light summer is brighter and lighter. Your eyes are not soft and grey. They have a light and bright quality to them. Soft summer colors would drain you.
I’m happy to help!
How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe
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