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Ask Jen: What Colors Look Best On Me?

Obviously, if you have a seasonal color analysis done, then you know what colors look best on you.

BUT, no matter what your season, there are a few colors that you will look amazing in. In fact, you don’t even have to know your season to get this right.

Your best colors are already on you. Just look in the mirror. Notice your eye color… or should I say colors? Notice your eyebrows and your natural hair color.

These are all colors that you will always look good in.

Let’s look at some examples of eyes…

What Colors Look Best On Me?This person has cool blue eyes.

Notice that there are multiple shades of blue and grey in the eye. Imagine wearing a top in the dark blue-grey around the iris. Or the pale light blue that streaks across the eye.

This person’s best color is a cool blue.

Next let’s look at a golden brown or olive green eye…

What Colors Look Best On Me?This person’s eye has mustard, olive green, golden brown, and dark olive green.

All of these colors will look amazing on this person.

Here’s a big tip when trying to figure out your season… if your eye color is not in a seasonal color palette, then it’s likely not your season. For example, these earthy colors are not in cool winter… so this person is not a cool winter. Probably an autumn.
What Colors Look Best On Me?The eye to the left is a very typical spring eye. The warm mix of blue, green and golden yellow.

This person will look great in a navy blue, a golden yellow, maybe a burnt orange… light green and teal.

Spring’s typically look great in teal because they’re eyes are a blend of blues and greens.


So, when in doubt… look at your eyes and wear a color from your natural color palette!

Hope this helps


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