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Have questions for Jen? Each month, Jen and team host a live color party where we answer questions submitted through the Ask Jen page. ColorStyle Member questions will be answered on the Zoom call. Jen randomly chooses at least three photo submissions each month to analyze LIVE. Plus, she will answer some of the non-photo questions. This special event is exclusive to ColorStyle Members.

YES! The parties will be recorded and available to you in your members only area.

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Thank you so much for featuring my photos! I can see now how warm makes me look better, where I just couldn’t tell before. I love the bright warm color palette!

The video today really made my day. I’m going through a stressful divorce right now, and this was just the boost I needed to make me feel truly good and beautiful. Thank you and keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next zoom!


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When you become a ColorStyle member, you will receive the Color Analysis Cheat Sheet as a FREE gift. This cheat sheet is EXCLUSIVE to the ColorStyle membership. You can only get it as a ColorStyle member.

The Your Color Style Color Analysis Cheat Sheet is a 12" x 12" image that visually guides you to your color type. It includes all hair color from white to red to black... and it includes all skin color from porcelain white to super dark brown.

You can use it to help color analyze yourself... plus it's a lot of fun to help your friends and family find their color type!

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"What in the world can I wear with this?!"

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You see a pair of pants in a trending color like a bright red... and you think... that would be fun to wear... except... what can I wear with it besides black or white?

You buy them and they sit in your closet... sad... unworn... because you have no idea what to wear with them.

Every season, Pantone releases a set of colors that become THE trending colors of the season. You see these colors everywhere. You have no choice but to consider them for your wardrobe... or buy nothing.

The Monthly Color Report will send you TWO inspiration-packed reports each month on two of those colors you see everywhere... tops, bottoms, bags, shoes and accessories. Everywhere. Imagine discovering color combinations you hadn't even thought of?!

PLUS, each report includes 10 to 15 outfit ideas using that color in stylish ways.

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