01 The Inspired Wardrobe: Tolerations

01 The Inspired Wardrobe: Tolerations
I've gotten to a point where I can't stand my closet or my dresser. I've got too much of some things, not enough of other things... I can't seem to find anything... and when I dig to look, I discover things I've forgotten about. I teach on keeping your wardrobe simple and yet, I seem to have tipped over to the dark side. I tolerated living like this for a while now. How long? Not sure. When I was creating the capsule wardrobe courses, everything was good. Organized. Simple. Scaled down. I'm not sure when I started to ignore my own rules and guidelines. All I know is that a few of my dresser drawers are jammed with stuff... and I can barely close them. I seem to always be looking for the jeans I just bought, and I've come to the point of... I have nothing to wear. Here's the thing... I'm realizing that this toleration is more than just a organizational issue. Sure, I could spend the time organizing and getting rid of stuff I don't like. That's the easy part. It takes time, but it's easy. I want more. I want to be inspired. I'm tired of the stress and anxiety that goes along with getting dressed every morning. From deciding what to wear... to trying to find something I like... to digging through and searching through clothes to create something that doesn't suck the life out of me. I've tolerated this uninspiring habit long enough. My wardrobe drains me of energy. I want a wardrobe that inspires me. That lifts me up. That makes it easy for me to always feel good about what I put on... and to bring a smile to my face any time I'm in my closet or opening a drawer. I am now on a mission to create this inspired space. Wanna do this with me? Comment below.

My "Wardrobe"

To be inspired by my wardrobe, I need to address all areas of my wardrobe. My wardrobe isn't just one space. It's not just the closet. It includes any space that I use to get dressed. I have my dresser, my closet, another closet, ANOTHER closet that has more stuff, the coat closet downstairs, my jewelry and my bathroom counter. You know what, my laundry closet counts too. That's a lot of places.

The Result

I open the closet and it's organized... easy... has only the clothes I love to wear... decorated... colors that inspire me. My dresser is clean on top... has something inspirational on it... the drawers are organized... I know exactly where everything is. Maybe I use one less closet. There's a full length mirror somewhere, which, believe it or not, I do not have... but my daughter has 2. Maybe Alexa's there... a speaker to play music while I get dressed? As I've gotten older... and now married to Joe... I'm learning that life is all about experiences. It's not about the stuff. I love vacationing and traveling... and those are amazing experiences. But getting dressed everyday is an experience. How many times do you fly through the morning and not take a moment to appreciate the experience of pulling yourself together? I want to instill the habit of slowing down and appreciating what I have. Taking the time to choose the right jewelry... the right lipstick... even the right underpants. Start the day strong. So, no more tolerating the messy, disorganized spaces. Hello to "The Inspired Wardrobe". Join me on this journey and let's really get to know ourselves and our unique style in the process. Jen

Jennifer Thoden


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