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02 The Inspired Wardrobe: One Drawer At A Time

02 The Inspired Wardrobe: One Drawer At A Time
Eager with my new found resolve to clean my mess up, I started with the dresser. That immediately seemed like too much. I have drawers that don't close completely because they are so jammed with stuff. So... one drawer at a time. Just one drawer. I chose the top right drawer because this was the drawer that I honestly had no idea what was in it. Ready to find out? It's kinda embarrassing...
  • 4 pairs of black stockings
  • 1 package (unopened) of thigh high stockings
I'm just going to pause here for a moment. Seriously? Thigh high stockings? When? Why? Moving on...
  • 3 super casual summer dresses
  • 4 belts I never wear
  • a bikini top
  • a super cute royal blue bathing suit cover up
  • a Spanx shaper
  • 4 different tank tops I've never worn
  • 4 pairs of nude panty hose... because I love them? No idea...
  • 3 pairs of "boobs" (the padded inserts that go into sports bras and some tops)
  • 1 sad "boob" with no pair
After emptying this one drawer, I carefully put back 2 of the dresses, the panty hose, shaper and boobs. Everything else was donated or trashed. Except for the royal blue cover up. I'd wear that on a cruise, if I knew I had it. Man. It is now on top of my dresser until I find a home. I'm not sure if this how I want this drawer organized, but it's a start. You gotta just start. Today one drawer.... tomorrow the whole another drawer! Join me on this journey and let's really get to know ourselves and our unique style in the process. Jen PS. To see all of the blog posts in this series, click #theinspiredwardrobe

Jennifer Thoden


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