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03 The Inspired Wardrobe: 5 Drawers Done

I punted on doing anymore "work" on the inspired wardrobe for days. But as I dug around in my sock drawer trying to find a pair of running socks, it was time to keep going. The next drawer down was my running stuff. Shirts, shorts, running bras. It was jammed in there. I emptied its contents and discovered that I had 10 pairs of running shorts. All fairly new and perfectly fine. If they fit back in the drawer, I'll keep them but I do not need new running shorts. I immediately announced that to Joe and Mindy because they know that I love me some running clothes. I am not allowed to buy a pair of running shorts unless I have good reason to REPLACE a pair. I got rid of a couple tank tops I never wore and put everything back neatly. I made enough room to put my running socks in this drawer too. Genius. Why was I always digging around for my running socks in my sock drawer when I could just open my "running" drawer for all things running. I know, I know. Your mind is blown too. The sock drawer was the most dramatic transformation. This is where I keep my pajamas and all my socks and I don't even know what else. I can't close this drawer. I had to make some tough decisions on pajamas. I love PJ bottoms. But a couple were looking really tired. So, I got rid of those. My biggest discover was a pile of about a dozen knee high panty hose socks. Black. So many little socks, I never wear. Trash. I also, finally, tossed socks that I tolerated in my drawer but never wore... or worse... had holes in them! Seriously. What's wrong with me? I can now see all of my socks and my PJ's fit. So much better. The top left drawer was underpants, bras and more of the unknown. I discovered that I was hoarding about 10 bras... that I clearly didn't know I had or didn't fit. Or didn't like? I don't even remember. I tossed about 6 sad pairs of underpants. I also found 3 different shapers that I didn't even know I had. And since I don't need more shapers, those went too. I now know exactly what I have in all 4 of these drawers. It's soooo nice! The last 2 drawers are t-shirts and shorts. I went through the t-shirt drawer. I made a small dent but it's under control. I didn't even bother opening the shorts drawer because I know how badly I need new shorts. So, this will be a day of me shopping for shorts that look good on me NOW... and ditching most of what I have. This drawer is also jammed with too much. I'm feeling pretty good. It's been days since I did this exercise and finally wrote about it. I'm discovering that as much as I want the end result, I'm avoiding the actual work. Also, I want to put something in each drawer that makes me smile. Maybe everything in that drawer I really love. Or I put a little packet of potpourri in there... or something... not sure yet. Next will be the top of my dresser where my jewelry lives. It's a mess! Join me on this journey and let's really get to know ourselves and our unique style in the process. Jen PS. To see all of the blog posts in this series, click #theinspiredwardrobe

Jennifer Thoden


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