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07 Weekly Style Challenge - Wear Complementary Colors

07 Weekly Style Challenge - Wear Complementary Colors
Wear complementary colors. This is a bold color combination. Choose a color that's your main color. 80% of your outfit should be this main color. Now, look at the color wheel and choose a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. 20% of your outfit should be the complementary color. I thought this would be a perfect challenge, since lots of people are wearing red and green this week. Yes, red and green are complementary colors. So are orange and blue, purple and yellow, pink and teal. Try it and have fun!

How can you wear complementary colors differently everyday for a week? Get creative and have fun! I can not wait to see your style challenge photos!!

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Take photos of your style challenge and post them on social media. Everyday, I will select a photo and share it on the Your Color Style Instagram feed! The weekly style challenge is designed to be supportive, interactive, social and FUN! PLUS, when you post a photo, you earn a chance to be chosen as the winner of the week... winning you a $5 gift certificate to

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Post your photo on any of the following social media outlets: PREFERRED: Post your photo on your Instagram feed with: @yourcolorstyle #weeklystylechallenge #stylechallenge_complementary Post your photo on your Facebook feed with: @yourcolorstyle #weeklystylechallenge #stylechallenge_complementary Post your photo on your Twitter feed with: @jenthoden #weeklystylechallenge #stylechallenge_complementary


Have fun with this. Stretch yourself. Get uncomfortable. Learn something new about yourself. Try a challenge even if you're convinced you won't like it. Every time you step out of your comfort zone you are changing yourself for the better. Your transformation begins today!


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