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Be True To You - Daily Confidence 06

Be True To You - Daily Confidence 06
Be True To You - Daily Confidence 06 I love show tunes, especially Disney movie songs. You may already know that I am a huge Disney fan. I go there at least twice a year. Judge me if you must, but it’s a magical place. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Disney World is the most magical place on earth. It’s a fact. Look it up. For the longest time, the songs on my playlist were songs that I liked but were also acceptable by anyone that may see my playlist. Who? I don’t know. Playlist stalkers? It may sound silly now, but I didn’t actually create a playlist of songs that really liked until after I was divorced. I love Disney movie songs. They make me happy. I like to sing off key and dance to them. I love to run to them. Some of them are VERY inspiring. Like, when I’m running a long distance, I love hearing “Go the Distance” from the movie Hercules. Have a listen: You’re welcome. My platform, my mission, what I try to influence with my business is authenticity. I believe, to my core, that in order to be a truly happy person, you must be true to yourself. It’s absolutely exhausting trying to be someone else. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that everyone intentionally pretends to be someone else. That’s not exactly what I mean. We, as human beings, seek approval from our environment. It’s a survival instinct. To be different could be dangerous, so we work hard to blend in. When we go to work, we act and perform in a way that is received well from our coworkers and managers. When we are at home, we act in a way we believe is healthy for our children. When we’re with our partners, we act in a way we hope they find attractive. When we’re around our parents, we act in a way that makes them comfortable... or maybe not comfortable. I don’t know your relationship, so I’m going to make some assumptions here. My point is, when was the last time they you can honestly say you were true to yourself. That you did something that you wanted to do without worry of judgement or guilt. That you shared your opinion without worrying about what others might think. Toddlers are amazing. These little humans have absolutely no filter. When they don’t like something, they tell you. When they love something, they’re not shy to show it. If they feel like jumping up and down and wiggling their butt, they just do it. Who knows why but they do. Just because that seemed like something good to do. Life would be chaos if we all acted like toddlers, right? No doubt. But man, sometimes, wouldn’t it feel good to just say, “I really don’t want to go to your baby shower. I don’t really like these things and if you really want a gift, I mail one to you. “ Then go do something you really want to do. How refreshing! Sometimes being polite is overrated. And absolutely exhausting. I need to take my advice more often. This is great stuff. I still catch myself thinking I really want to go get a pedicure but Mindy really wants me to take her to the store. And then Matt said he needs to talk to me. And then I should really answer those emails. It’s just toes and polish. It can wait. And many times... it does. Put your self first. Do something you really want to do. Just for you. You deserve it. Be happy. Talk to you tomorrow! *HUGS* Jen Thoden PS. Sharing is giving which is just good karma. Share this post so that others can benefit from this positive message. Thanks in advance :-) Do you like this content? Enter your name and email below to receive Daily Confidence in your email. Give yourself a positive boost every morning!

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