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Change - Daily Confidence 01

Change - Daily Confidence 01
Change - Daily Confidence 01
“First mile 13 minutes 2 seconds. Goal pace 10 minutes 54 seconds.” I hear my running app alert me. Ugh. Why am I so slow? I was dragging. My legs felt tired. My calves ached. My planned run was for five miles but I felt like quitting after the first mile. “Your pace is a little off. Second mile 13 minutes 10 seconds. Goal pace 10 minutes 54 seconds.” My running app mocked me. Great. Even slower, I think. People driving by are probably thinking “Aw. Look at the older lady trying to shuffle-walk. Maybe she’s recovering from some kind of injury.” I turned around at the half way point and started slugging it back. Slugging is my new word for dragging your feet and running super slow. Maybe slogging? I don’t know but you get the point. Don’t word smith me here. I was in a dark haze shuffling towards mile three when all of a sudden a car honked at me. What the?! I looked up and I see this guy, the driver, do this gesture that looked something like either “pick it up” or “lift your chest up” or something like that. Now, I will admit that my first reaction to this gesture was not positive or lady like. I was like F@ You, buddy! Not my proudest moment. No, I didn’t actually flip him off, I’m not like that but in my head I had leaped into his car and told him to mind his own business. So, that was my FIRST reaction. But then I thought, that was so unexpected. What in the world? I think he was just being nice since I must look like someone near passing out. I immediately changed my thinking and decided this stranger saw me struggling and was trying to snap me out of the obvious funk I was in. So, I straightened up and picked up my pace a bit, ignoring my fatigue. “Third mile 12 minutes 32 seconds. Goal pace 10 minutes 54 seconds.” My running app announced. Wow. Ok. I got this. “You’re right on pace. Yeah baby. Fourth mile 10 minutes 5 seconds. Goal pace 10 minutes 54 seconds.” My running app announced. Yes, this app actually talks like this. I started feeling pretty good and finished my five mile run at an average pace of... wait for it... 10 minutes 54 seconds. I kid you not. It is so easy to get caught in a negative loop of emotions. We feel tired which affects something else which enforces the emotion. We think something that makes us feel even more of that negative emotion and we cycle downward. This can be so powerful that you may not know it’s happening but you know you’re not feeling good. You feel depressed, super tired, sad, angry or just plain bitchy. Your goal is to start becoming self aware of your negative emotions. Stay “awake” today and observe your emotions throughout the day. Notice when you’re feeling in a low energetic state. What’s happening around you? How are you talking to yourself? How is this impacting what you’re doing at that moment? Then, say to yourself “CHANGE”. And will yourself to think a positive thought. Break the chain of negative emotions to thinking to more negative emotions. Honk at yourself and gesture to pick up your pace. That driver interrupted my negative downward cycle which helped me shift my mindset to accomplish my goal for that hour. Thanks stranger in the car that honked at me doing some weird gesture!
Talk to you tomorrow!
Jen Thoden
PS. Sharing is giving which is just good karma. Share this post so that others can benefit from this positive message. Thanks in advance :-)
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Jennifer Thoden


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