Color Theory: Are Warm Autumns and Warm Springs Bright or Soft?

I've made the statement that warm autumns and warm springs would wear colors from the bright color wheel. And I got a LOT of questions because in another post I state that if you have hazel eyes you probably wear colors from the soft color wheel. Colors that are of clear chroma (no grey added) look best on someone that naturally has clear chroma coloring and tone. They look best in clear colors. You may not look best in a super saturated color but you will likely look good in the same color with white or black added. But the color is still pure... not muted. Colors that have grey added to them have soft chroma. Grey added. If your coloring is naturally soft, then you will likely look best in colors from the soft color wheel. This video is all about women with red hair and auburn hair. In the seasons, this could be warm spring or warm autumn... maybe even clear spring or clear winter. I believe that all of these seasons pull colors from the same color wheel. Even if you have hazel eyes.

10 More Examples 10 More Examples Once you've had a chance to watch, I'd love to know:
  1. Are you bright or soft?
  2. Do you have cool undertones or warm undertones?
Leave a comment below with your answers. Have fun and wear what you love! Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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