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Color Wheel vs Color Guide - Bright Cool Medium

Color Wheel vs Color Guide - Bright Cool Medium

Jen responds to the question:

Hi Jen,

I have a few questions. First, how are the Color Wheel Guide and the Color Wheel different besides that one is digital? I'm trying to decide which one to buy and one is obviously cheaper than the other one. Can you tell me why? Secondly and most importantly, I noticed that the Color Wheel uses all colors, warm and cool. I am a bright cool but it looks like the color wheel is showing that I should wear warm colors too. Is that correct? Can I wear warm accent colors that aren't on my bright, cool, and medium color fan? Okay. One more question. The true color green is a universal color as you have mentioned before. I'm curious as to why it isn't on the bright, cool, and medium color fan if it is a universal color?



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