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Do You Play With Legos?

For Christmas, I gave Joe (love of my life) a very large Star Wars Lego set of R2-D2. Joe is 49 years old. Over the lifespan of his son (now 11) he has given his son DOZENS of lego sets. Joe would happily “help” his son assemble them.

A few months before Christmas, Joe was lamenting on how he always gave Jack a cool lego set, but he never had one for himself.

Then, we were at dinner one night and he said… with wonder in his eye… I would love to have my very own large lego set that I can just put together. That would be so cool. And then sort of shakes his head like it’s silly.

Well, it’s not silly. So, I got him a kick-ass Lego set of R2-D2.

The joy I saw in his eyes when he opened it was almost better than watching my kids open their gifts on Christmas morning.

Over the course of a few days, I watched Joe assemble is R2-D2… following the instructions and snapping pieces together. He had this smile on his face and every once in a while would look up with delight. “I just love this.”

Do You Play With Legos?R2-D2 now sits on our table proudly displayed… and now Joe wants these little $10 Star Wars Lego sets. So he can put them on his desk at work. Sure. Whatever makes you happy.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t get that lego set to be funny. I got it for him because why not? Why not have something that brings you complete child like joy?

Why do we, as adults, filter out all the things that we think are just for kids? Too geeky… silly… what will my spouse say…

Who cares! Do what you love!

We are only on this planet once. And if having your own lego set brings you complete simple joy… then have one. Get more. Build as many as you want and smile with joy every single time.

It doesn’t matter if people think what you find joyful is silly or stupid. It doesn’t matter. Are you really going to stop yourself from doing something that makes you happy because of someone else’s judgement? The only person that cares is you. That person could leave tomorrow… and you’ll be sitting there thinking… gosh, why didn’t I take that samba class like I wanted?

Stop thinking about it. Stop thinking if you should or shouldn’t. Stop making excuses and rationalizing why you shouldn’t.

Here’s something to consider…

A year ago, in this program I am a member of (The Ultimate Game of Life), I was asked “What makes you truly happy?” The exercise was to write down 25 things that make you happy without spending money and 25 things that make you happy that may cost some money.

For a day, that paper was blank. Sometimes we get so caught up in life and doing the things we think we need to do... and should be doing... that we let go of what WE want out of life.

Once I started to write down a few things, the rest came easier. And I discovered a few things about myself in that exercise. I learned that I needed to get to know myself again… and that I haven’t done some of the things that used to excite me… in a very very long time.

I used to draw and sketch. Take pictures. Paint. I haven’t done any of these things in over 10 years. So, I went out and bought a sketch book and some pencils and just started drawing. It felt so good to put pencil to paper. I felt like a kid again.

What makes you happy? What’s one thing you can do today that would bring you simple, child-like joy?

Jump roping? Skipping? Laughing? Riding a bike? Playing a board game? Flying an RC plane? Brushing a doll’s hair? Knitting? Baking? Playing with the dog? Playing on your kid’s keyboard? Playing a video game? Dancing? Singing?

One thing that brings me joy is playing ping-pong with my family. So much fun… completely silly… and I laugh the entire time.

Name one thing that could bring you joy and do it.

Do You Play With Legos?

Be happy and rediscover joy in your life.

Jen Thoden I Believe In You

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Jennifer Thoden


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