Ever Cried Looking At Yourself In The Mirror?
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Ever Cried Looking At Yourself In The Mirror?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and just felt low on your self? Got on the scale in the morning and immediately get frustrated? I know that when I weigh myself in the mornings and if it's not a certain number... I'll catch myself berating myself. We all do something like this, right? How can we possibly have a positive and productive day when we've already started the day bringing our own self down! Watch this video for some tips on how we can overcome some of the self judgement and begin to accept ourselves right now. I hope this video was helpful. If it was, share your impressions in the comments below. Jen Thoden PS. I am passionate about working on my self first... and I am passionate about sharing what I learn with you. The one program that has made the biggest impact in my life is The Ultimate Game of Life... and it all started with understanding my 9 environments.

Jennifer Thoden


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