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Moodboard: I Was Happy Anywhere I Could See The Ocean

There's not a whole lot of deep meaning to this mood board. The colors are so intense and I just love looking at this one. The model in the photo is a Pure Winter. Clear blue eyes, smooth fair skin and black hair. And look at those deep red lips. I wish I could wear lipstick like that! But I'm a tinted spring... so... it would make me look like I was bleeding from my mouth. I will say one thing... I do love the ocean. Staring at the ocean does bring me joy. But it doesn't bring me happiness. I like to think I can be happy anywhere even when I'm not in front of the ocean. Do you ever say... I'll be happy when... or... Once I finish _____ I can finally enjoy life or be happy? We've all said something like that. Be aware when you do. Happiness shouldn't be an action on a set requirement like your location or milestone completed. If you keep thinking life is better when... you'll never be happy. You'll always be looking for the next best thing and never realize how good it is right now. Be aware. When you hear yourself say something like this... try looking around you and asking "How can I be happy right now?" "What's going right, right now?" Hugs, Jen Thoden PS. I created this outfit that was inspired by this mood board.  I Was Happy Anywhere I Could See The Ocean

Jennifer Thoden


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