Morning Ritual - Daily Confidence 04

Morning Ritual - Daily Confidence 04
Morning Ritual - Daily Confidence 04 I’d like to think of myself as a successful person. I have a successful business, I am healthy, I have terrific kids and a loving relationship and partnership with my husband. I had to work at this success. I didn’t just wake up one day successful. In fact, I’ve experienced several failures in my life. But one of the things that I owe my success to is my morning ritual. Have you ever heard of “Win the morning, Win the Day”? I learned this from my business coach. The idea is that if you start your day off strong and positive. Get yourself in the right mindset. Then you will have an amazing day. This is true for anyone at any stage of their life. Success for you may mean something very different from my definition. The point is that if you want to be better than you were yesterday, it’s critical to your success to establish a winning morning routine for yourself. I’d like to share with you my morning ritual:
  1. I Meditate Every morning, I get out of bed by 5:30am. I use the bathroom, drink a big glass of water and mediate for up to an hour. I focus all of my energy on who I want to be and how I want to live. I also find that meditating for at least 20 minutes every morning sets my mind with intention and I can focus better throughout the day.
  2. I Sip An Espresso I love me a delicious espresso. I take the time to sip and enjoy it. I don’t guzzle it. I call this mindful sipping. It’s small, so it doesn’t last long. I use a little espresso cup that brings me joy. It literally says joy.
  3. I Walk - Sometimes Run Pull my hair back into a pony tail, throw on my sneakers and something that’s not pajamas... and I walk outside. I just walk. No particular direction or distance. I’m not power walking. I’m just getting outside and moving. If it’s a schedule run day, then I may run instead. But most of the time, I just enjoy the early morning quiet.
  4. I Cook Breakfast I am happiest when I take the time to cook myself a good breakfast versus grabbing a heavy croissant or bagel from the coffee shop. I cook grits, turkey bacon and an egg. This is my go-to. It’s high in protein and fills me up. The flavors satisfy me and I find that I don’t crave food until I’m actually hungry for lunch.
  5. I Write Sometimes, I journal personal stuff, goals and gratitude. Sometimes, I journal ideas for my business. Sometimes, I work on my book. I write for the blog, create video content. Sometimes, I work on my talks and workshops. Or like this morning, I write a Daily Confidence post.
Full transparency, I do not always get to all 5 of these rituals. I aim for 3 and I consider that a win. All 5 and I feel like I’ve already won the day. What ritual or habit do you do every morning to set yourself up for a winning day? If you don’t have one yet, start. Try walking for just 5 minutes outside every morning. Or journaling your goals while you sip your coffee or tea. Win the morning. Win the day. Talk to you tomorrow! *HUGS* Jen Thoden PS. Sharing is giving which is just good karma. Share this post so that others can benefit from this positive message. Thanks in advance :-) Do you like this content? Enter your name and email below to receive Daily Confidence in your email. Give yourself a positive boost every morning!

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