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Online Color Analysis Case Study 03: Mandy - Your Color Style with Jen Thoden

Mandy wasn't obvious to me at first. When I placed her within the soft color wheel and bright color wheel, I immediately saw that she looks best in soft muted tones. Mandy is soft. Placing her within the warm color wheel and cool color wheel wasn't a slam dunk. She looked ok in both. I think it's possible that here makeup is cool and it's skewing the analysis. I like her much better in warm lipstick, so this helps me to say that she has warm undertones. She is soft and warm. The last step is her depth. She has medium hair and eyebrows. So, she can wear the second darkest ring of the soft color wheel. Watch the video as I quickly walk through steps of the Your Color Style™ color system... Would you like to know your best colors using Your Color Style™ color system?

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Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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