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PREVIEW: Do I Have Warm or Cool Eyes?

PREVIEW: Do I Have Warm or Cool Eyes?

The color of your eyes can be an important clue to your undertones. I always look closely at the colors in a person's eyes to help me understand if a person has warm undertones or cool undertones. There are definitely exceptions to the rules and I always look at the full picture of the person (hair, skin and eyes) but if you're trying to figure out if you are warm or cool, understanding if your eyes are warm or cool can help.

In the video below, I explain my color theory around eye color and also show you examples of warm eyes and cool eyes. I address hazel eyes. Hazel eyes can trip you up when trying to figure out if your eyes are warm or cool.

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Jen Vax


  • The whites of her eyes are very white. She isn’t bad in SW colors but somehow I don’t see that wow either.In some of her photos her hair looks warm some dark and cool. Naturally it’s not a really deep brown and a bit neutral. Before covid she had her hair tinted auburn. I think kmy gut may have been right in seeing cool.

  • Interesting about the eyes. I have been typed as winter and deep autumn previously. Through your system, I really believe I’m soft cool deep. I have dark brown eyes with what looks like a grey ring around the outside. Even though my skin looks olive (warm) grey, soft raspberry are very nice colours on me. Thank you Jen for your work as I’ve never felt good in bright winter colour and most of the autumn colours were better but still did not seem right.

    - Linda

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