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PREVIEW: The Color Orange - What shade will look best on you?

PREVIEW: The Color Orange - What shade will look best on you?

The color orange is a fun color but a challenging color to wear, until you understand the nuances of the color orange. There is a shade of orange that is right for you. Yes, even if you have cool undertones. 

The video below is a lesson from the Color Mastery course. It explains cool orange vs warm orange, tints and shades of orange and who can wear orange best.

Some notes about the video below.

After going back and watching it again, I realize that I say something that contradicts the color palettes.

I say that the neutral orange (4) is good for cool undertones. The BCD color palettes have pumpkin and persimmon which are 3 on the color wheel.

When I created the color palettes, I felt the technically neutral orange looked too warm for cool undertones. I liked the slightly "cooler" orange on the cool undertones. Which is why I put in pumpkin (3 on the color wheel). After reviewing the video and the cool color palettes, I still prefer #3 orange for cool undertones. It is the orange that I see in some of the cooler eyes. Which is what brought me around to considering orange for cool undertones. This is all true for soft cool and deep, as well. The SCD color palette doesn't have orange added to it yet, but I've now seen a few SCDs that can definitely wear persimmon. How fun!

Also, when looking at the browns, if your skin is a close match these browns, then you have warm brown skin. Warm undertones. The browns can be described as red-orange brown to golden brown.

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