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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Ann?

This was a challenging seasonal color analysis. Mainly because of the fact that I was using the 12 season system at the time.

Ann has these very pretty greenish eyes. She currently has salt and pepper hair but was blonde when she was younger.


I read her as having warm undertones, but was a bit stumped on what season she was. The combination of cooler hair with the warmer eyes and warm skin (yellow) told me that she was likely "soft". But her skin and eyes read a spring to me. Hmmm.

I first draped her as a soft autumn. Soft and warm. Again, this was in the 12 season system. As you can see on the left, Ann is NOT a soft autumn. She's definitely not a warm or deep autumn... so back to spring we go. I then draped her in light spring. The only alternative I had at the time. She looks good but something just wasn't right. The bright colors just didn't seem right.

Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Ann?Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Ann?

Ann, accepted her analysis as a light spring but I wasn't convinced.
She is "soft".
I then draped her in soft summer. I actually liked her in soft summer. The softer hues looked better on her than the pure hues of the light spring. But, Ann was happier with the light spring. I don't blame her. She's more spring than summer.
So, we left it at light spring... but THEN... I introduced the 4x4 color system to the site and my services. This added in 4 new seasons. When Ann saw this she immediately asked if she fit into any of those. And YES! She does! She's a soft spring. Also known as a Toned Spring. Ann finally has the right season for her.
Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Ann?

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