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Seasonal Color Analysis - What Season Is Ann?

Ann first came to me after looking at the free cheat sheet for seasonal color analysis. She was confused because her eye lead her to a season she didn't think she fit in.

Her eyes, from what I could tell in the photos are a golden hazel... which belong to an autumn. Typically. Not deep or pure. But soft. She has cooler hair and it was easy for me to place her as a tinted autumn. She was also wearing coral in her photo and because she seemed to gravitate to the warmer colors, I assumed she was a tinted autumn.

Seasonal Color Analysis

When I draped her in tinted autumn, her skin also looked slightly golden to me. So, tinted autumn was my analysis.

But, Ann wasn't comfortable with this analysis. I always say that you instinctively know your season better than anyone. She asked me to try again. So, I did. I looked through all of her photos again. Her eyes really stumped me... but when I studied her photos, she is very neutral. The combination of cooler hair and warm eyes puts her in toned or soft. I always lean towards the eyes to determine if the person is soft and warm or soft and cool. But I was open to trying her in toned summer, which is soft and cool

And wow! Look at the difference between the two. The tinted autumn is on the left. The toned summer is on the right. It looks like I've enhanced the photo on the right. But I didn't. The tinted autumn colors added yellow to her skin... and look how the toned summer colors lighten and pink her skin. She looks younger and fresh.

I was wrong. I am always happy to admit it and try again. Looking back on her photos now, as I write this post, I see summer before autumn. But her golden eyes really threw me. In fact, even last night, during a seasonal color analysis training, a student asked me if a person has warm eyes, can they still be cool... I said no. But here's a perfect example where the "rules" are broken.

Seasonal Color Analysis Seasonal Color Analysis

All I can say is Wow. What a difference. I'm glad we kept going to. These are exactly right for me. I look happier and younger in these pictures. That's funny seeing that it's the same picture as the autumn colors. This shows me that colors really do make a difference.

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