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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Anne?

At first glance, Anne has deep eyes and deep hair. Based on the photo above, she could be an autumn or a winter. Not really obvious in the photo. Her eyes are an earthy brown. Not super deep and warm in my opinion. You can almost see warm brown and olive greens. This right away tells me that she is likely an autumn. Soft Autumn Eye - Seasonal Color Analysisi But which autumn is she? She's not super deep, so I eliminated shaded autumn. This color analysis was done back when I was only doing the 12 seasons, so I draped her in soft autumn and warm autumn. A few other factors played into my analysis for Anne. This is what she says about the colors she likes to wear...
I have always liked to wear high contrast colors to my rather pale skin
Hmmmm. Interesting. This is not characteristic of a soft autumn. Even though, that's wear I was leaning to. Then I saw this photo... warm autumn There's a couple things I noticed about Anne that finalized my analysis. She has a LOT of warmth in her hair. She didn't describe her hair as auburn, but most of the photos she sent me show her hair with a little auburn. Her natural hair, in another photo, shows her hair a mousy brown. Again, I think.... soft autumn. BUT her overall appearance is not soft to me. It's a bit high contrast. Which explains why she gravitates to more saturated colors. She's not soft. She's "pure". A pure autumn. In the 12 color system this was known as warm autumn. Pure autumns are the highest contrast of the autumns and look best in more pure colors. Here is Anne draped in soft autumn on the left and pure autumn on the right. She looks right at home in pure autumn. Soft Autumnwarm-autumn-anne-4 warm-autumn-anne-7
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