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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Barbara?

If I would have analyzed Barbara from the photo above, I would have said she was cool and draped her in summer colors. She describes her hair:
One thing that hairdressers always tell me is that there is red in my hair. There are a few redheads in my family, a couple of blondes, and a few brunettes
So, from this description, it got me thinking... hmmm... red in the hair... autumn? After further inspection of her other photos, it looks like the photo above is taken in a blue light making her seem cool. If you look at the photo below, you can see that she is warm not cool. autumn A close up of her eye shows her eyes to be more green than blue. A very pretty mix of colors. This is very characteristic of a spring and an autumn. Her overall coloring is warm and deep, which puts her as an autumn. Her eyes are way too light to be a deep or shaded autumn. I draped her as a warm autumn and as a soft autumn. This was before I started practicing the 4x4 color system. Below is Barbara in soft autumn on the left and warm autumn on the right. I really love her in the saturated and warm colors of the warm autumn color palette. I think the muted soft autumn colors drain her a bit. In the 4x4 color system, I would have draped her as a toned autumn but I'm pretty sure my analysis would be the same. Barbara needs some brighter colors and that is the warm autumn or pure autumn. soft-autumn-susan-5 warm-autumn-susan-1 Would you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday? I'd love to help! Visit my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis page to learn more. Jen Thoden

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