Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Susan?
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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Susan?

Susan is has green eyes and naturally blonde hair, although she colors it now.

Right away, I knew she had warm undertones. You don't have eyes like this and have cool undertones.


Plus, her skin and overall appearance read warm to me.

She really didn't look light and delicate like a spring, so I first draped her as a soft autumn. Keep in mind that this analysis was done before I introduced the 4x4 color system to my business. Soft autumn seemed heavy on her.

I then draped her in light spring. In the 12 seasons, the only other option for her, with her green eyes and blonde hair, was light spring. You can see her below in soft autumn on the left and light spring on the right. Susan was ok with light spring, but she preferred the darker colors.
soft-autumn-susan-1 light-spring-susan-5

Looking at her again, today... using the 4x4 color system, I realize that she fits best in Tinted Autumn. Tinted autumn's colors are for the lightest of the autumns. But they are slightly muted and not as bright and shiny as a light spring. The colors are deeper and I think this season suits her better.


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