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Silly Stupid Little Daily Actions = Success

I'd like to propose a challenge to you. At first, you're may think that it's stupid... meaningless... not worth it... but hear me out. :-)

Our daily lives are a collection of actions that we choose to take (whether we realize it or not). Many of our actions are habits... actions we take that are automatic... we almost don't think about them. Other actions we do deliberately... and others we want to be habits but we struggle to make that happen.

Many of our habits are probably not the best habits... but it's how we operate everyday.

Promising yourself that you're going to workout for 30 minutes everyday is pretty much a recipe for failure. Unless you've been in the habit of exercising 30 minutes a day. A new habit is really tough to create. One of the reasons it is tough to stick to a promise or a daily action is that our brains are not trained for success. They're actually trained for failure.

Before you roll your eyes at me... tell me if you can relate to this...

"I'm going to walk every morning for 20 minutes."

Day 1: done!

Day 2: you do it but its a little later in the day

Day 3: you're really tired so you'll walk later. The day takes over and you run out of time.

Day 4: It's raining

Day 5: you forget

Day 6: you walk

Day 7: not inspired, what's the big deal, I got 3 days in this week, that's something

and so on

We promise ourselves something and then we don't follow through. We've actually taught out subconscious to not trust ourselves. And we do a really good job at self-sabotaging ourselves, don't we?

When was the last time you swore off dessert? How long did it take to give in or reward yourself with dessert?

Have you EVER done anything new consistently for 30 days? My guess is no. I'm not even sure I have. 30 days seems like no big deal but when you're aware of your thoughts and actions... you can literally watch yourself sabotage your success.

It's time to start training your brain for success... not failure. It's time to make a promise to yourself... any promise... and stick to it... start earning your self's trust.

How do we do this?

Choose one small little action. Anything. Something so simple that there is no reason you cant do it everyday. Leave no room for excuses.

Something as silly simple like:

1 jumping jack every morning

say a mantra to yourself every morning

drink a glass of water when you first wake up

Choose something that makes you smile and would be hard NOT to do. Don't choose an action that will take you more than a few seconds to do. Make sure you can do it anywhere. It needs to be super super small. Even if you want to do more.

Now, commit to doing this action everyday for 30 days. Be aware of when you forget, when you get bored of your goal, when you question why you're doing it, when you start to convince yourself you don't need to do it... the self sabotage is powerful. Our subconscious minds do not like change at all. Even the smallest change. Push through. Overcome. Celebrate every single day.

At the end of 30 days, you are going to be amazed at what you've accomplished. You're going to be a different and better version of yourself.

These next 30 days will be enlightening. You will learn a lot about yourself.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. When you come up with your reason why you didn't do you silly stupid action today... that is the very same reason you may not have reached your other goals in your life.

I recommend you keep a journal and document your thoughts, feelings and accomplishments.

Are you in? I'm starting February 1st. My silly stupid action is 10 crunches a day.

What's yours?

Jen Thodem

Jennifer Thoden


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