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Style Challenge 01: Wear A Bold Lipstick

This week, I challenge you to break out of your comfort zone and wear a bold lipstick! If you normally wear natural tones, then go for something brighter or darker. "Bold" is anything that you don't normally do. If you don't normally wear lipstick, then I challenge you to wear a color everyday. You're going to love how it brightens you up! I've included some photos for inspiration. If you're a Style Club member, don't forget that you can easily see your lipstick colors in your color guide to find just the right color for your lips. You can also shop for lipstick here: style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-14 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-13 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-12 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-11 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-10 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-9 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-8 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-7 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-6 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-5 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-4 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-3 style-challenge-01-wear-bold-lipstick-2Style Challenge 01: Wear A Bold Lipstick
Share a photo! Post out on twitter @outfitideas4u with the hashtag #stylechallenge Have fun and wear what you love! Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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