Style Challenge: Paint Your Nails A BRIGHT Color
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Style Challenge: Paint Your Nails A BRIGHT Color

This week... pick a color from the brightest ring of your color wheel and paint your nails with it! This is a perfect way to overcome any fear you may have to wearing a bright color... or a color you've never worn before. I am Bright and Warm. I painted my nails a bright coral which is 01D on the color wheel. The color is from the fourth ring in which has some white added to the brightest color, which would be clear red (01C). The third ring is the brightest ring on your color wheel. Bright Color Wheel - Your Color Style - Jen Thoden If you are SOFT, then wear a color from the third or fourth ring on the SOFT color wheel. Have fun with this. Do something out of your comfort zone... like choose a blue from 11 or 12! A bright color on your fingers will make you feel sassy. Go for it! Comment below and share what color you painted your nails this week. Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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