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Is your grey hair warm or cool?
Grey hair doesn't mean you have cool undertones. There are different shades of grey. Watch this quick video to see if you have warm, neutral or co...
The Characteristics of Color - Part 3 of 3
Learn a tip on deciding if a color will work for you. Plus, we're learning about color temperature and what that means for you when wearing it. Un...
The Characteristics of Color - Part 2 of 3
Yesterday, I talked about Chroma and what it means if a color is bright or soft. Today, we learn another reason why a color may not feel right on ...
The Characteristics of Color - Part 1 of 3
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Understanding color can help you to identify if a color will flatter you and belong in your color palette. No visuals here, but I hope you learn s...
PREVIEW: Reinventing the Color Wheel - Part 1
This is a complete lesson from my new course Color Mastery. The lesson is divided into two videos because it is pretty long and comprehensive. I hope you enjoy learning how I created my color wheels and how I'm changing things up going forward.
April Color Palette of the Month
This month's color palette was inspired by this month's featured trending colors: Spun Sugar and Coca Mocha. You'll see both colors in the stores. This color palette will help you find creative and stylish ways to wear these to popular colors. Scroll down to find your pinnable color palette and color wheel.

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