What Colors Look Good On You If You Look Like Michelle Obama?
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What Colors Look Good On You If You Look Like Michelle Obama?

Many photos of Michelle Obama have her wearing bright cool colors. There's one photo I've seen of her in a violet dress and I always thought... that's not right. When I placed Michelle Obama in the soft and bright color wheels, it is obvious to me she looks great in bright colors. Notice that she can totally wear the bright red lipstick. I then compared her in bright and cool colors with bright and warm colors. She doesn't look bad in either set. But if she had cool undertones, she could not wear the golden yellow below. And she totally can. That and the cool pink lipstick does nothing for her. Michelle Obama also has a golden skin tone which is a key indicator of warm undertones. Michelle Obama is Bright and Warm. She is deep. Deep eyes and hair. Michelle Obama is Bright, Warm and Deep in the Your Color Style™ system. Do you have golden skin tones? Deep warm eyes? You may also be Bright, Warm and Deep. Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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