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Yes But - Daily Confidence 07

Yes But - Daily Confidence 07
Yes But - Daily Confidence 07 I ran 8 miles this morning. You might think any of the following:
  • So what?
  • Wow! Good for you.
  • Whoa. I could never do that.
  • So? I ran 8.5 miles last night.
  • That’s it?
  • Are you trying to make me feel bad?
  • Why is she showing off?
For me, any of these thoughts go through my head:
  • Yes, but It was a really slow run
  • Yes and It was the best run ever
  • Yes, but It was super long
  • Yes, but I hated it
  • Yes and I loved it
  • Yes. It was ok
  • Yes, but My hip flexor hurts
  • Yes but I’m super tired
  • Yes, good job me!
How you reacted to my statement of running is 8 miles is probably similar to how you talk to yourself. If your instant reaction was anything but “great job” then you should self check your thoughts. The way we think about other people is how we think of ourselves. How we do anything is how we do everything. It may not be the exact same words you use for yourself but the result is the same. If your immediate reaction is negative. Maybe a feeling of feeling small. Then, it’s likely the words you use about yourself will result in the same feeling. Notice all the “Yes buts” above. Take notice of the negative thoughts you think about other people. Take notice of the negative thoughts you say to yourself about you. Your mind believes you. Be kind to yourself. Your job is to stay aware. Pay attention to how you think and talk about people. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, which is probably much harsher. The more aware of this negative talk and self talk, the more you can reframe your words and practice positive thoughts. Why? You are what you think. What you focus on expands. How you do anything is how you do everything. All common personal development statements. All true. Think about it. Talk to you tomorrow! *HUGS* Jen Thoden PS. Sharing is giving which is just good karma. Share this post so that others can benefit from this positive message. Thanks in advance :-) Do you like this content? Enter your name and email below to receive Daily Confidence in your email. Give yourself a positive boost every morning!

Jennifer Thoden


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