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The Color Orange - Which shade is best on you?
The color orange is a fun color but a challenging color to wear, until you understand the nuances of the color orange. There is a shade of orange that is right for you. Yes, even if you have cool undertones. This video explains cool orange vs warm orange, tints and shades of orange and who can wear orange best.
Color Analysis Case Study - Brown Hair Hazel Eyes

I do a color analysis on a photo submitted to me through my Ask Jen page. She has brown hair and hazel brown eyes. She's wondering if she is bright or soft and a confirmation if she is cool or warm. Watch this video to learn my thoughts on her color type.

How To Know If A Color is Bright or Soft Online
When you're shopping online, sometimes it's hard to tell if a color is bright or soft, light or dark. When you don't know, then you may not be sure if that item is in your color palette. Here is a really fun and easy way to see if a color is bright or soft online.
How To Shop Online With Your Digital Color Palette
Your digital color palettes can be a valuable tool when shopping online. When you're not sure if a color is in your color palette, you can use your digital one-page color palette to help you. In this video, I show you a fun way to use your color palette to see if a color is in your color palette.
I Got Pink Hair: The Changes I Made
Last week, I got my hair colored a bright pink. It was super fun! Having bright pink hair transformed how I wore my colors. I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on what I felt I needed to change to pull of this bright pink hair. If you're considering changing your hair color, even if it's not PINK, you will still learn some thing from this video.
Reinventing the Color Wheel - Full Lesson from Color Mastery
This is a complete lesson from my new course Color Mastery. The lesson is divided into two videos because it is pretty long and comprehensive. I hope you enjoy learning how I created my color wheels and how I'm changing things up going forward.

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