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The Fall/Winter Trending Colors 2022-2023

Jen shares with you the trending colors you will see in the stores this fall and winter season for 2022 - 2023. She shares both of Pantone's New York and London collection. Plus, she's put the colors on to a color wheel to help you see which colors are warm or cool.

Below this video is the download link to the PDF mentioned in the video.

Hazel Eyes: Warm or Cool? Soft or Bright?

Hazel eyes seem to be a type of eye that confuses people when doing a self color analysis. Hazel eyes are a mix of colors and can seem warm when a person has cool undertones.

This video is from a VIP Live Color Party where I dive deep into analyzing different hazel eyes. It's fun to see how two similar eyes can have different sets of colors and characteristics. Identifying the colors in your eye might be a clue to your color type. 

Olive Skin Explained Plus Colors To Avoid and to Wear
People with olive skin tone tend to have a greenish cast to their skin and sometimes a dominant yellow overtone. This can make finding flattering colors and color types confusing because some colors just don't seem feel right. This video explains how our skin tone interacts with our undertones, creating an olive skin tone. Plus what colors to avoid and to wear.
Create Your Own Harmonious Color Palettes
Harmonious color palettes are a collection of colors that all go together because they are created from each other. When you create harmonious color palettes, you can easily create capsule wardrobes in these colors. In the first video, I explain how I create the color palettes of the month using the concept of harmonious color palettes. In the second video, I show you how to create your own mini color palette of harmonious colors using your color fan.
The Color Orange - Which shade is best on you?
The color orange is a fun color but a challenging color to wear, until you understand the nuances of the color orange. There is a shade of orange that is right for you. Yes, even if you have cool undertones. This video explains cool orange vs warm orange, tints and shades of orange and who can wear orange best.
Color Analysis Case Study - Brown Hair Hazel Eyes

I do a color analysis on a photo submitted to me through my Ask Jen page. She has brown hair and hazel brown eyes. She's wondering if she is bright or soft and a confirmation if she is cool or warm. Watch this video to learn my thoughts on her color type.

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