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Case Study: Grey Hair With Bright Teal Eyes

Jen does a color case study on a VIP member of her course Discover Your Color Style. She has grey hair blended with light brown hair with grey-green eyes. Watch and learn what she recommends her best colors.

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5 thoughts on “Case Study: Grey Hair With Bright Teal Eyes

  1. Well again amazing. I so love these case study . I still get it wrong when it comes to the last bit. I Keep watching and waiting for some one with my kind of colour But I think I am so neutral . dark blond mousey hair, my eyes have so many colours both warm and cool skin well again don’t know. I have had my colour done five times each one coming out different , some warm some cool. I have spent loads of money thinking each time it will be right ,but none are special to me. I wish I could have a colour to make my eyes pop. I love following all you do ,and will keep my eye out for some one complicated like me .

    1. I have had a similar experience. I believe now that if you love what’s you buy and are wearing you can’t go wrong. Believe in yourself and what you intuitively lean toward in color. If you think a color is just ok on you, it probably is.
      Take pictures of yourself wearing different colors and you can see what looks great.

  2. This is very interesting and I appreciate that you did a case study in a silver haired lady. I can see similarities to my colouring and eye colour. As I’ve aged I thought I had to go more cool and soft but now I’m thinking I should try some bright colours too! It made her face come alive.

  3. You’re not alone sister. Believe me. I can do medium deep warm and medium deep cool. We do exist. I notice pretty your world now has 16 types with 6 bronzed sub types.
    It’s a never ending story / but I’m happy to say I can see others quickly. If only I were as simple as bright & cool like this lady. Give her white gold jewellery, a savvy hair cut and her bright cool clothes and she will make a new woman of herself instantly. If only eh?

  4. I just completed the grey hair module in the course, and noticed that most of the examples are bright and cool with silvery gray hair tones similar to this analysis. I am a soft and warm level 3 transitioning now to lots of multi-toned grays with some silver mixed in on the top, and still lots of the original med. dark brown hair on the bottom/under layers. I have similar eye coloring, but with more gray and green mixed in with the blue, and a soft peach/golden beige skin tone that has softened as I get older, but it still a warm neutral, not cool. Do you have examples for soft and warm women like me who are in transition – Jamie Lee Curtis comes to mind, while she still had mixed peppery gray hair coloring. Other examples would be very helpful!! Thanks!

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