Imagine a stroll among the beautiful autumn leaves. The air is crisp and cool. This outfit idea is casual, yet styled to wear if you’re walking with someone special. Read below the image to learn how you can pull off this outfit!

Orange and Brown Casual Fall Outfit

This casual outfit is a monochromatic color scheme. Meaning that I focused on only ONE color and used shades and tints to add depth and interest.

The color is orange!

The orange is slightly muted. The oranges in this outfit range from a slightly muted orange to an orangish-brown to a dark chocolate brown. A nice fall feel.

Notice the yellow-orange scarf to the right?

This scarf would work well if the orange sweater was more saturated. If you prefer brighter colors.. you could find a more saturated orange top and then find a fun patterned scarf that has red, orange and yellow!

This outfit is ideal for a pear shaped woman.

If you have a flat tummy, try wearing a thin belt around your waist. Make sure the belt blends well with the sweater… so an orange or light brown would look nice. Perhaps with a small gold buckle.