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Receive an online color analysis with an annual VIP membership. Here are some important things you need to know before placing this order: This service is exclusive to VIP Members only. A color analysis is included with an annual membership....


Receive an online color analysis with an annual VIP membership.

Here are some important things you need to know before placing this order:

  1. This service is exclusive to VIP Members only.
  2. A color analysis is included with an annual membership. You may purchase a color analysis for an additional fee if you choose to subscribe monthly. 
  3. You will receive Jen's thoughts on your color type on a monthly live color analysis group call. The call is only for VIP members.
  4. Your color fan, color guide and ebook are NOT included in this offer.
  5. Instructions on how to submit your photos will be given to you when you complete your purchase.

The process is simple:

  1. Join the VIP membership (do not purchase here)
  2. Complete the short form on the thank you page
  3. Your welcome email will offer you the color analysis details
  4. Submit your photo based on the instructions you receive
  5. Jen and her team will do a color analysis case study for you on the next monthly live call. You'll finally know your color type!!

The September calls are completely booked.

Based on Jen's schedule, the next call is scheduled for October 26th. 

We look forward to helping you discover your color type!


What People Are Saying

"I’m SOOOO GLAD that I got my color analysis from you a few months ago! It is well worth the cost! Highly recommend!" ~ Debbie

"I’m so, so glad I went with the professional color analysis. Jen did mine; it was worth every penny. Now I use my color fan to buy clothes in colors that I know will look great on me. That means I save money and time buying clothes that don’t look great and ultimately I don’t wear. Thanks Jen!" ~ Kay

"Getting the professional color analysis by Your Color Style was an extravagance for me, but so worth it! I naturally gravitate towards cool colors, but those colors don’t flatter me. It’s been a process moving to the SWM palette, but I’m so glad to have found my color home. I feel more confident and get many more compliments." ~ Eileen

"I did the professional color analysis and learned that I was SWD. I initially didn't believe it, but was opened to try the palette. I love the palette especially wearing the best pink for me. I added coral and replaced black with dark brown. I don't like shopping for clothes but now that I know my color palette, it is more enjoyable because I can overlook the colors that are not flattering - and focus on the ones that do! The analysis is worth because you save money and the long run by not wasting money on clothes that don't do anything for you." ~Romae

"I'm so happy I got my color analysis from Jen. I was doubting myself when I stopped dying my hair, and it was a birthday present to myself. So worth it!" ~ Linda

"[The color analysis is] soooo worth it - for those that aren’t obvious i don’t understand why they even hesitate" ~ Marjorie

"I had the professional color analysis more than a year ago and it was so freeing to get the results!! If you really want to know [your colors], do the analysis." ~ Deborah

How To Submit Your Photo

Please email a head shot and a close up of your eye to my support team. They will make sure I receive your email and photos.

It's helpful if you include your order number in the subject of your email.

Please follow the guidelines below when taking and submitting your photos:

  • Describe your hair and eye color in your own words
  • Please tell us if your hair is colored or if it is natural in the photos
  • Hold an ultra white piece of paper in front of you just below your neck.
  • Please make sure the paper is white and not ivory. Photo copy paper is fine.
  • Wear a white shirt if you can.
  • Submit a head shot that includes your entire head, neck and shoulders.
  • Have a relaxed closed mouth smile. No frowning! ;-)
  • Submit a close up of your eye. This can be tricky. Do the best you can.

BEST: Take your photo outside on an overcast day or at the golden hour (google it)

GOOD: Take your photo indoors facing out of a north facing window. Turn off the interior lights.

AVOID: Interior lighting, inside of a car, harsh sunlight, shadows and shade.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your quick color analysis.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful face.*HUGS*Jen

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