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Color Analysis Q&A: Bright or Soft? Brown hair, golden skin, hazel eyes

Color Analysis Q&A: Bright or Soft? Brown hair, golden skin, hazel eyes

Jen responds to a question through her Ask Jen page.

Hi Jen,

Thank you so much for all the very helpful information and resources on your website and blog. I have learned so much from your articles and videos. I notice that it’s getting easier for me to characterize other people but when it comes to myself I’m very confused.

I recently attended a style and fashion workshop here in Christchurch (New Zealand). The color analysis system introduced at that workshop was kind of confusing because it didn’t differentiate between people that can wear warm and people that can wear cool colors. The only categories were: bright, bright-light, deep and muted. I was categorized as a bright-light.

Now to my actual question: I recently purchased this gorgeous merino hoodie in a soft warm color I think it suits me, however, when I showed it to the fashion consultant she said it didn’t suit me as it had soft undertones in it. Now I’m really confused because based on the information on your website I believe I am a warm type, possibly soft but I’m not 100% sure. I have dark brown hair with warm tones (my natural color) and my eyes are golden brown/green hazel.

According to your color quiz this would make me a soft warm deep soft but I’m not sure because I also think that bright colors look good on me (as long as they are not overpoweringly bright). It would be awesome if you could please check out the attached photos and let me know your thoughts re my color type and the hoodie. I’d also like to know if it is ok to wear colors that are part of a different chroma (e.g. wearing soft colors when you are a bright type and vice versa), as long as the undertone is warm if you are a warm type or the color is a universal color? I think I read somewhere that it’s interchangeable but that fashion consultant really made me insecure in my color choices! Many thanks for your help, and have a great day.

Kind regards,


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2 thoughts on “Color Analysis Q&A: Bright or Soft? Brown hair, golden skin, hazel eyes

  1. Hello Jen-
    A while back i had my personalized annalists by one of your team consultants.
    After watching this video i see myself exactly in the same position as this woman and i’m wondering if I’m a bright warm deep instead of what i was told soft warm and deep.
    I understand that they are very similar but i would like to know your personal opinion.

    Thank you,
    Lorna Gonzalez

    1. Hi Lorna,

      I look at and approve all color analyses. So, I approved your analysis for SWD.
      The two types are very similar. Because of your tones, you can certainly wear brighter colors if you want.
      I still think you should use SWD as your everyday color palette and you can pop in some brighter colors as you want.

      Hope that helps


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