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Color Combo: Yellow, Burnt Orange and Brown

This photo of sunlight streaming into the fall leaves inspired me to style an outfit with some pop of yellow. This yellow leather skirt is very bold! And worn with burnt orange and brown looks striking. I love it!

These ultra warm colors can really only be worn by warm springs and warm autumns.

The Jewelry

I recommend gold jewelry with this outfit. A statement necklace that lands at the V of the sweater would be perfect. Some simple gold accents on the hand and wrist is always lovely. I love the layered look of 2 or 3 bracelets and one or 2 fashion rings.

Stella and Dot Bloom Necklace
Gold Bloom Necklace
Gold Jewelry - Rings and Bracelets
Love this combo of gold rings and bracelets!
Orbit Hoop Earrings
Orbit Hoop Earrings

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Jen Thoden

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