Color Theory: Spring vs Autumn - Seasonal Color Analysis

Color Theory: Spring vs Autumn – Seasonal Color Analysis

In seasonal color analysis, there are 2 main seasons for warm undertones. Autumn and Spring. One is warm and deep and the other is warm and light. But what does that really mean for you? How do you know what colors truly look best on you? I explain spring and autumn in depth using the Your Color Style system.

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  • Reply Ing-Marie February 1, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    Hey again. Yesterday I commented on another of your posts. And criticized how some of the colors of the Purple range looked like, especially the Lavender and the Amethyst. In the color range presented here, they are not so pinkish, but nearer the purple. Still not perfect lavender though. Should be dominantly blue with a purple cast.

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